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Juliet Huck has spent 25+ years telling other people’s stories. From the Enron litigation, a billion-dollar Exxon project, the tobacco litigation trials and the Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant trials (to name a few), she has been in the forefront of strategic story and visual development in the courtroom for the nation’s top law firms and corporations.

As a persuasion strategist, she has assisted in prepping hundreds of witnesses to tell their truth in court during high-dollar, high-stakes litigation.

Juliet’s clients call her when the stakes are high, the facts are complicated, guilt or innocence hangs in the balance, vast sums of money are at stake, and when witnesses need help getting through the testifying process. She has testified under oath, was selected as a foreperson on a jury and was a defendant in a corporate lawsuit.

Juliet also has spent years working on healing from her personal childhood trauma. The combination of her personal and professional experiences gives Juliet a unique perspective in helping her clients get the results they are striving for.


I am the bridge that connects law and real life. When clients come to me, the first thing we talk about is how to explain and present their complicated facts. I ask, “who are we talking to?” Their answer sets the foundation for every project I work on. The field of Persuasive Communications is uncharted territory. Having blazed this trail for over 25 years, I’ve been retained by some of the nation’s most prestigious corporations and law firms, helping secure billions of dollars in decisions.

Discover true stories from those who were called to sit in the witness chair and their journey through the process and beyond. This podcast brings to light the trauma and stress caused by testifying under oath and offers a different approach one can take to prepare to take the stand as well as how to heal after the encounter. As host, Juliet Huck dovetails her 30-year career in the courtroom with her personal healing experience as a breathwork practitioner to create a unique perspective talking with witnesses.

Trauma, Trial, Transformation offers a view, through a holistic lens, of ways witnesses are prepared prior to taking the stand as well as being cared for after leaving the courtroom.

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After working with high profile clients for decades, I share lessons learned in the courtroom. When I speak, my goal is for the audience to have that ah-ha moment when they realize how they can apply these techniques to become an effective persuasive communicator. I speak on creating messages around specific demographics, how to speak to key decision makers in a group setting, developing persuasive stories and the importance of shining a light on prepping witnesses to deal with the mental toll it takes to sit in the witness chair.


The Equation of Persuasion™ is based on my decades of experience as a coach, strategist, and designer of my clients’ messages to their methodology identifying those elements that must be kept in balance to land the decision they are seeking. Once I saw the wildly successful results of this unique approach, I knew I had to share these proven techniques with you.

Juliet Huck, Persuasion Strategist

Juliet Huck is the CEO/founder of The Huck Group, established in 1998 in Los Angeles, author of two books, Equation of Persuasion and 50 Ways to Get Your Way, podcast host of Trauma, Trial, Transformation, and a sought-after speaker.

Her proven process has helped clients persuade others when the stakes are high. Over her career, she saw patterns form. So, she developed a formula that has been used in a multitude of legal platforms from bench trials, jury trials, arbitrations, and mediations.

Her books have memorialized her formula based on actual trial examples and what she has learned from jurors.

Juliet’s expertise in Persuasive Communications includes such high-profile criminal cases as the Department of Justice against Enron and state cases against Scott Peterson, and Kobe Bryant respectively. She was on the forefront of the Tobacco and Diet Drug cases as lead national Creative Director with a previous litigation support company.


Juliet has distilled the strong principles of persuasion and brought them to life

John O’Malley, Partner
Norton Rose Fulbright

Juliet is the guru of persuasion and comes in with great authenticity.

Mayer Lindsey & Africa

Juliet taught me how a persuasive statement can make a big difference in my result.

Senior Criminalist Investigator